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3 reasons why you should move to Simphony Cloud today

1) “Always-on”  Simphony’s architecture ensures each property’s operations run without interruption when an Internet disruption occurs.  Using locally deployed services for property operations ensure that the Simphony Point of Sale client running on Workstation 6 Series devices never skips a beat. 

2) Powerful Analytics Help You Run a Smarter Business Simphony’s Reporting and Analytics capabilities are powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), which enables you to create dashboards and visualizations that highlight your operation’s key metrics.  Using the operational insights provided by OBIEE, you can make faster, smarter decisions that improve your bottom line. Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile app extends Simphony’s reporting capability to a manager’s mobile device, providing real-time sales information anytime, anywhere so they can always keep pace with what is happening.

3) Increased Speed of Service The Simphony POS client user interface is easy to navigate and quick to learn. Using the Engagement feature, servers can quickly access information about specials and events going on around the property that might interest the guest.  Simphony’s Kitchen Display System servers and hosts real-time data on kitchen status, ensuring orders are delivered to your customers accurately and quickly.  

Now is the perfect time to make the move you’ve been thinking about – modernize your business by moving to Oracle Hospitality’s Simphony Cloud. Transforming your business will not only revolutionize the way you do business to best serve customers today, it will also anticipate their needs for tomorrow.

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