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A look back

Oracle RESNearly twenty years ago we started a journey to find the absolute best POS experience available for our customers. After a few false starts, we were delighted to be taken in by MICROS. Digging into the MICROS universe, we discovered perfectly paired industry leading hardware and software – both customs made and designed for each other. The enduring ideals of premium quality, durability, and powerful features have served us, and our customers exceedingly well. We have no doubts about the quality of the products, and the longevity of our customer base speaks for itself.



Where are we today?

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Everyone says the world is changing. What about us? What about you? Twenty years ago, ghost kitchens and delivery aggregators didn’t exist. QR codes and NFC were pipe dreams. Clouds reminded us of sheep, not data at our fingertips. Fortunately, the world has changed. You have changed. We have changed. Oracle has brought MICROS to the present, retained what made them great, and prepared for the future. We have been here for the journey and are ready to present you with the possibilities of an Oracle powered system for your business.




Time for hospitality

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Oracle MICROS Simphony Point of Sale provides all the modern features required to operate in the present world and allows you to be more hands off than ever. Using the power and reliability of Oracle Cloud, your data will always be available wherever you are – whether you have a phone, tablet, or PC handy. Pull up a ticket, or check your labor with a tap, click, or swipe, then get back to generating smiles. Schedule price changes and menu updates beforehand so you can be active in the present, not working two jobs at once.



Accurate control

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Oracle MICROS hardware offers the solutions to the problems plaguing the hospitality industry from the beginning of time. Rugged designs survive the harshest environments and maintain accurate operations for years. No more regular replacement of broken and damaged “cheap” consumer grade tablets or “keeping spares handy.” You shouldn’t need to reboot every morning and cross your fingers hoping “everything will work today.” Whether it’s sitting on the front line, enduring the kitchen, or walking around in the hands of your staff, we can keep everyone on task and operational. Even in the event of an internet outage, everything keeps working as expected. There’s nothing worse than having an untrustworthy system, so let us eliminate those worries for you.




Why partner with Bakersfield Cash Register?

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The only way we look good, is when you look good. Our partnership with Oracle provides us the best tools to make sure you operate at your peak and can put your focus where it needs to be. The combination of Oracle MICROS hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and decades of experience all come together under one roof when paired with our need to provide top notch service. It’s time to get back out of the little box and enjoy the benefits of the cloud.



GH Logo         General’s Headquarters: A Flavorful Transformation with Oracle Simphony and Bakersfield Cash Register



General’s Headquarters, a bustling quick-service restaurant nestled in the heart of Wasco, California, has become a beloved local haunt. Known for its mouthwatering burgers, crispy fries, and friendly service, General’s Headquarters has been committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences to its loyal patrons. 

However, like any forward-thinking business, General’s Headquarters recognized the need to modernize operations when Sergio Herrera took over ownership of the old drive-in. The paper-based order system was cumbersome, leading to delays during peak hours, mix-ups, and frustrated customers. The management team knew that embracing technology was the key to enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes, and delighting their guests.

The Simphony Solution

In April 2023, General’s Headquarters took a bold step by implementing Oracle Simphony via Bakersfield Cash Register, a cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) system tailored specifically for the restaurant industry. Simphony promised to revolutionize operations, and Mr. Hererra and his team were eager to see the results.

Smooth Implementation

The transition to Simphony was seamless, thanks to the dedicated support from Bakersfield Cash Register's team. They worked closely with General’s Headquarters staff, ensuring that every menu item, pricing detail, and operational workflow was accurately configured within the system. Training sessions were conducted, empowering the restaurant’s employees to navigate Simphony effortlessly.

Enhanced Efficiency

Almost immediately, General’s Headquarters experienced the efficiency they were looking for. Orders flowed seamlessly from the front counter to the kitchen, reducing wait times and eliminating errors. The intuitive interface allowed servers to focus on what mattered most: providing exceptional service to their guests. With real-time reporting and inventory management features, staff could make informed decisions about stock levels, menu adjustments, labor costs, and pricing strategies. 

Guest Satisfaction Soars

The true measure of success was the smiles on their customers’ faces. General’s Headquarters witnessed a remarkable level of guest satisfaction. Orders were accurate, and the kitchen staff could prepare meals promptly. The customizable menu layouts allowed for easy upselling, and guests appreciated the personalized service. Whether it was a classic cheeseburger or a delicious milkshake Simphony ensured that every order was executed flawlessly.

Data-Driven Insights

Simphony's advanced analytics capabilities turned into a strategic advantage for General's Headquarters. The management team skillfully monitored sales trends, pinpointed peak hours, and fine-tuned staffing requirements. With the anticipated rise in California's wages, Mr. Herrera carefully oversaw labor expenses, guaranteeing equitable pay for staff while preserving healthy profit margins. The insights provided by Simphony enabled General's to customize their services, aligning with consumer tastes and enhancing profitability.

Future Growth

General’s Headquarters isn’t stopping here. With Bakersfield Cash Register and Simphony as their trusted partners, they are exploring new avenues—online ordering, loyalty programs, and even expanding to nearby towns. The restaurant’s owner, Mr. Herrera, shared his excitement: “Simphony has transformed our business. It’s not just about technology; it’s about creating memorable experiences for our guests.”


Oracle Simphony has become an integral part of General’s Headquarters, infusing innovation into their time-tested recipes. As the sun sets over the quaint town of Wasco, the aroma of freshly grilled burgers mingles with the promise of a bright future. General’s Headquarters continues to serve up happiness, one Simphony-enhanced order at a time.

                                                                "Simphony Cloud by Oracle means I can access and manage my company’s data from anywhere at any time.  And with the 24/7 support provided by Bakersfield Cash Register and Simphony’s flexibility and scalability, I am able to control my menus, labor and cost of business as it continues to grow. – Sergio Herrera General’s Headquarters"

Bakersfield Cash Register CSSE Food & Beverage, 04-30-2024