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What Restaurant POS or cash register system is best?

One simple question with no simple answer. On these day of constant technology changes is important to consider which Point-of-sale system will stand the test of time….

To answer that, you should consider to following points, and you might realize MICROS simphony had your back:

  1. Innovation:

It’s super important consider the integrations you POS system can handle. Today’s customers are looking for better and particular experiences to engage with. However, many POS systems lack the tools and APIs required for integrating exciting third-party technologies…. Not MICROS-simphony         

  1. On line ordering:

A lot of today’s customers expects mobile ordering, delivery and curbside pickup besides that dine in experience. Online ordering must be profitable for you and convenient, easy and efficient for you customers. MICROS made possible to manage delivery, pickup operations and drive thru been connected with your menus, payment processing, inventory system, kitchen operations (connected with kitchen display system) and providing production updates to you customer.

  1. Centralize data:

Having the ability to manage menu items, prices, discount, loyalty program, promotions and also given a personalize experience to you customers by descriptions, allergens, nutritional content and referential images, is a MUST these days.

  1. Reduce waste and shrinkage:

Increase your restaurant margin by reducing shrinkage and inventory management costs. 1/3 of restaurants spend 2-3 hours a week counting stocks. Instead of wasting the resources on such tasks, invest in a system that includes inventory management software that track stocks, recipes and waste, improving your efficiency and margins. Focus on your customers.

  1. POS Hardware to hard work:

Your POS workstations and kitchen hardware need to look great and overcome the constant use and kitchen conditions like heat, grease, vapor, and others. Using a POS that it wasn’t build for that purpose might be cheaper upfront, but in long term, it will end up costing much more not only in maintenance but on interrupt service, lose orders and kitchen chaos. MICROS workstation 6 was made for this, it won’t fail.


Consider all these points and have in mind that most of the times what is cheap upfront, cost you more in long term…

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