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Retail, SAM4S

This SAM4s, is a compact unit that integrate the cash register, the drawer, user display and customer display and the printer; however, you can add a hand scanner, another printer and even a scale if you need to. It has a large operator screen that simplifies programming of new PLU (allows approximately 20,000 PLUs) and price changes. In addition, the keyboard is programmable and customized with PLU keys (from 21 PLU locations, expandable to 63 or more) or open price or preset entries and function keys for discounts, payments and corrections. 

This equipment stores your detailed sales journal in memory for printing at the end of the day or saved it on your PC (it allows SD cards).


  • Alternative flat or raised keyboard
  • On Screen programming 
  • Connects to peripherals
  • Interconnect multiple units to consolidate your sales and share access to peripherals

  • Specifications

    • Printer
      • Equip: Seiko LTPD245
      • Speed: 22 lines per second
      • Method: 1st Thermal
      • Paper Width: 58mm
    • Display
      • Operator: 8-Line x 32 Character Backlit Liquid Crystal 
      • Customer: 9 digit LED
    • Dimensions:
      • Wide: 15-3/4”
      • Height: 11-13/16”
      • Depth: 17-3/4”